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Slack Changes Logo to the Yellow Sign

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Millions of Slack users noticed a change in the popular chat application Tuesday; the familiar hashtag (or octothorpe) icon had been replaced with a strange symbol, spoken of in hushed whispers as the Yellow Sign. Social media was seemingly in an uproar over the logo’s evolution, but perhaps the method to the madness was, in fact, madness itself.

Many users have reported strange sensations and visions ever since they laid eyes upon the new icon. Tessie Reardon, 21, complains that after the update she now sees a fat, pale man driving a hearse under her window at midnight every night, “It’s the new Slack logo on my phone,” Ms. Reardon insists, “it reminds me of an awful dream I keep having.”

Carcosa Imaginations, the Bay Area design firm hired to construct the new logo for Slack, denies that there is anything sinister or amiss about it. “Our design has nothing to do with Cassilda and Camilla, the Lake of Hali, or the the misty spires in the fog-wrapped city over which the Black Stars rise,” says Carcosa spokesman known only as Mr Wilde, “We simply want to bring Slack’s branding in line with the flat, boring geometry of every other tech company in 2019. It’s also definitely not a swastika.”

However, one user, Hildred Castaigne, an assistant at a P.R. firm in New York, says that until more people join the Slack platform and see the strange glyph, “The scolloped tatters of the King in Yellow must hide Yhtill forever.” Mr Castaigne continued to emphasize the importance of Slack to the rise of the Imperial Family and the ramifications to the Phantom of Truth. [ed. note: as of this story’s publication, Mr. Castaigne has been committed to an asylum for the criminally insane while awaiting trial for multiple homicides.]

Slack users are now left with a final question: “Have you seen the Yellow Sign?”

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