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PepsiCo Sues Coca-Cola Over ‘Misleading’ Alpaca Blood Ad

ATLANTA, GA – The farmers in a recent commercial for Coca-Cola just wanted to protect their furry camelid friends, but PepsiCo is not amused. The ad, which first aired during the Daytime Emmy Awards broadcast, proudly declared that “all Coca-Cola products are 100% alpaca blood-free” but that the potential alpaca blood content of Pepsi products was unknown.

PepsiCo sued Coca-Cola on Monday over the ad, claiming that it purposely misled consumers into believing there is any amount of alpaca blood in Pepsi soda products, when PepsiCo says that there is not. Along with PETA, who filed an amicus brief, PepsiCo is asking for an injunction to stop Coca-Cola from continuing to air the ad, which it calls “false and misleading.”

The ad in question features a pair of high-fructose corn syrup farmers working for Coca-Cola’s production facility who release a herd of alpacas from a pen clearly labeled ‘Pepsi Alpaca Blood Harvesting Center’; the farmers announce that Coca-Cola only uses real, American corn syrup and openly wonder what the competition was going to do with all that alpaca blood.

Although the commercial stops short of explicitly accusing PepsiCo of exsanguinating the South American llama cousins, lawyers for the besmirched company say their rivals went too far. “This fearmongering cannot stand,” declared General Council Gene Sayres, “PepsiCo has always used the same diabetic-inducing high-fructose corn syrup as Coca-Cola and the rest of the soft drink industry. For the past two decades, we have only used synthetic alpaca blood to achieve that unique Pepsi flavor that our many customers enjoy.”

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