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Hudson Yards Opens Hunting Grounds for The Most Dangerous Game

NEW YORK, NY – Flocking to the newly-opened Hudson Yards, shoppers, tourists, and residents of the luxury apartment buildings will find another attraction this week, an open-air game preserve dedicated to hunting the world’s most dangerous game, Man.

“The Hunting Ground at Hudson Yards caters exclusively to the ultra-wealthy sportsmen who have grown tired of traditional big-game hunting,” says lead developer Antonin Zaroff of Oxford Properties Group, “and wish for prey as cunning and dangerous as a human.”

Using much of nearly $6 billion in tax breaks to enclose 12 acres of Midtown Manhattan has irked some New Yorkers, but proponents of the development see a new positive. Mr. Zaroff insists that the Hunting Grounds will mainly be supplied by shipwrecked passengers from the Hudson ferryboats as well as a significant number of bewildered tourists who took a wrong turn in search of Times Square, which have recently overrun the city. Supporters of the Hudson Yards project say that the game preserve will spur a much-needed boost in the New York’s Fish & Game industry while also culling the weaker members of the human population, citing that “Life is for the strong.”

Although the The Hunting Ground, or the rest of the Hudson Yards complex, may not be suited to every resident’s taste, the amenities throughout are undeniably luxurious and visitors will never shop more pleasantly, hunt more dangerous game, or sleep in a more comfortable bed.

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