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Fox Revives ‘Firefly’ After Finding Trove of Unread Letters; ‘We Didn’t Know People Wanted This’

LOS ANGELES, CA – Stunned Fox executives hurriedly green-lit production of new episodes of beloved former television franchise Firefly on Wednesday after they realized that there had been nearly two decades of popular demand for the show. Many viewers have been constantly petitioning the production studio for years, but apparently all correspondence on the matter had fallen behind a counter top in the Twentieth Century Fox mail room.

“We were absolutely shocked,” claims Fox Vice President of Programming Bill Cwikowski, “when Tim [the mail boy], just plopped tens of thousands of letters on my desk from impassioned fans demanding the return of this groundbreaking show. We had assumed when we canceled it that the lack of responses meant that everyone was OK with it.” Mr. Cwikowski concedes that Fox may have tragically-fumbled marketing on Joss Whedon’s genre-defying space-Western whose characters displayed surprising depth and development over its short initial run. “We made the movie, too see if we could get any more interest, but then we decided to kill half the crew, and I guess some people really did not like that. However, the new episodes we’ve ordered are sure to appease the Browncoats who have certainly let their voices be heard.” Other Fox executive reached for comment insist that changes will be made in the mail room to ensure sixteen years of letters, fan-sponsored print and television ads, as well as a vibrant and growing online community do not go unnoticed in the future.

The recent revelations have created a cascade throughout the studio, prompting movie executives to cite similar reasons for prematurely canceling John Doe; Mr. Cwikowski says that remaining episodes of the Dominic Purcell mystery procedural will be released on VHS.

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