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Samsung Contracts Del Taco to Maximize Galaxy Foldability

LAKE FOREST, CA – After a major setback in launching the new Galaxy Fold line of phones, Samsung (SSNLF) has returned to the drawing board with aided by Del Taco’s (TACO) foremost folding technicians. The Southern California fast food chain was enlisted by the beleaguered electronics maker to optimize the foldability of the new cell phones ahead of a global launch.

Recent reports alarmed the market that the Korean manufacturer was not ready to launch the nearly $2,000 Galaxy Fold device whose wide screen is meant to be creased and unfolded repeatedly. “our first step was to recognize the problem,” says Samsung lead engineer Jennifer Shelby, “the second is to find the world’s experts in held-held device folding, and that’s the tortilla engineers at Del Taco.” Samsung spokespeople confirmed that the seemingly incongruous partnership was born from necessity. “For the last decade, smartphone innovation has stagnated in terms of foldability; the real progress is being made in the price-conscious Mexican food arena. We must harness this knowledge and energy in order to remain market leaders.”

Despite the project’s inauspicious beginning, Del Taco says that they are more than up to the challenge. “A smartphone is really like a less-sophisticated taco,” explains Luis Gonell from Del Taco’s Theoretical Food Sciences department, “it only needs to hold a few ounces of stale circuits and silicon, not a medley of fresh lettuce, gooey cheese, or spicy beef. And since it’s not even supposed to be edible, I can’t imagine this project taking more than a few days.”

Investors, however, remain wary, citing recent failures like the Chipotle ‘All-Sour Cream Burrito,’ of emerging casual Mexican food technology.

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