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Posts published in June 2019

Socialist Icon Gritty Testifies for Welfare Reform

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Champion of the people on and off the ice, Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot Gritty arrived at the nation’s capitol this week to appear before the House Ways and Means Committee as an advocate for Social Security and Medicare expansions. As Gritty, recently minted as a symbol for Leftist political movements, took the stand, none in the gallery knew what he would utter.… Read more

10 Rules Every Professional Needs To Know About Slack Etiquette

Slack, the workplace collaboration company, started trading on the New York Stock Exchange today, greatly surpassing its private valuation. The popular chat application rolled out into the workforce so quickly, that some are lost trying to adjust to the new platform. We at Boredroom News have compiled a list of the top etiquette tips to excel at Slack:

  1. Help your organization transition to the new platform by sending company-wide email reminders every time you post in slack.

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New Rent Reform from Albany Allows Tenants to Crash at Landlord’s Pad Just Whenever

ALBANY, NY – Sweeping changes from the New York State legislature have begun to restore rent regulations eroded by the real estate industry over decades, and have importantly enshrines the right of tenants “to stop by the landlord’s residence at any time and just relax for a bit.” The Democratic lawmakers who brokered the deal, signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo late Friday afternoon, have hailed the reforms as progress for the 2.4 millions rent-controlled residents of New York, as well as the millions of market-rate tenants who “want to take a load off and lay low” in their landlord’s pad.… Read more

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