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10 Rules Every Professional Needs To Know About Slack Etiquette

Slack, the workplace collaboration company, started trading on the New York Stock Exchange today, greatly surpassing its private valuation. The popular chat application rolled out into the workforce so quickly, that some are lost trying to adjust to the new platform. We at Boredroom News have compiled a list of the top etiquette tips to excel at Slack:

  1. Help your organization transition to the new platform by sending company-wide email reminders every time you post in slack.

  2. Don’t allow personal conflicts to bleed into public channels; instead, start a new, private channel to talk shit about whomever you want without them present.

  3. The :party-corgi: 10 Rules Every Professional Needs To Know About Slack Etiquette is legally accepted as an affirmative response.

  4. Many employees use slack to socialize after work, so managers should use these channels to ping employees on nights and weekends.

  5. Snoozing notifications lets co-workers know that you’re not a team player who is committed 100%. If you get a snooze response from someone, be sure to call their personal cell phone and tell them to get back on track.

  6. Yes, it’s OK to ping the CEO (experiences may vary for employees in at-will employment states).

  7. Quickly summon anyone’s evil doppelganger into our reality by tagging their username spelled backwards.

  8. Dedicated channels for specific topics are fine, but you can save time selling your old couch by tagging @channel in #general so that everyone can drop what they’re doing and look at your poorly formatted ad.

  9. Just like colorful stripes on poisonous frogs, an anime profile picture lets you know to avoid the neckbeard lurking behind it.

  10. No one respects users with the Giphy search plug-in as much as they do those who upload directly from their personal library of funny gifs.

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