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President Trump Recognizes ‘Brave Pullman Railroad Executives’ Who Made Labor Day Possible

CHICAGO – At a stump speech commemorating Labor Day on the South Side of Chicago, President Trump took note of the “brave men (and they were certainly men, no women back then)” who, he said, had “fought bravely against the bloodthirsty mob” of American Railway Union workers in 1894. The historical strike, which lasted over two months and cost 30 unionists’ their lives, had sparked pro-labor movements around the country that today celebrates. However, the president chose to acknowledge the actions of Pullman management, who lowered wages, raised rents in the company town, and outright murdered workers, for “giving birth to Labor Day by defending the rights of industry to increase shareholder value.” President Trump reminded the rapt audience that he was “very good at business” at business himself and would have “ended this whole thing, the Labor MOvement, much sooner.” Throughout the speech, he repeatedly conflated the 2020 Democratic front-runner Senator Bernie Sanders with the organizer of national boycotts against Pullman, Eugene V. Debs, another one-time presidential hopeful, who died in 1926.

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