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Cursed Zoom Meeting Haunted by Ghost Mouse Pointer

BETHESDA, MD – It was a dark and story late afternoon when the assembled Sales and Operations teams at Chevy Chase Regional Bank, many from throughout the Greater D.C. area, dialed into a Zoom teleconference hosted by strange and unknown forces. Although Katherine, from Sales, had kicked off the meeting by going over the newest quarterly projections, a rogue supernatural entity had infiltrated the presentation almost immediately.

The mouse pointer, floating ominously across everyone’s screen, was vehemently unclaimed by all present online. No one could discern the origins, or purpose, of the pointer that distractingly plagued the meeting, although some theories have been proffered. Jerry, from Compliance, believes that tis the disembodied soul of Thomas “Old Man” Aaronsen, who had departed the bank unexpectedly last Fall under a shroud of mystery. “It’s gotta be the Old Man,” insisted Jerry, “he had all that ‘unfinished work’ he kept talking about.”

Other employees, however, have offered different explanations. “Katherine just left her mouse on the screen again and was too embarassed to admit it,” notes, Jessica, Katherine’s assistant, “and Aaronsen’s ‘unfinished work’ was just a stack of TPS reports that he never even started; that’s why he was fired in September anyway.”

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