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Disney Facing Backlash for Leaked ‘Mandalorian Holiday Special’

BURBANK, CA — Star Wars fans rejoiced when Disney (DIS) first aired The Mandalorian as the flagship program of its new streaming service Disney+, but many have been rankled after a leaked script from the upcoming ‘Holiday Special’ appeared online this week. Many fans may remember the 1978 televised Star Wars Holiday Special, a poorly-crafted variety show that was never re-aired due to negative critical reception.

Nevertheless, showrunner Jon Favreau believes the franchise has learned from its missteps in the past. “I’m confident that our ‘special episode’ seamlessly integrates with the existing Star Wars cannon as well as open the possibilities of new galactic storylines,” Favreau responded, “but it also aligns with the Disney brand in creating family-friendly content for all ages.”

According to sources who have read the leaked script, the plot of the episode has The Mandalorian, played by the ever-stoic Pedro Pascal, scouring the outskirts of the crumbling empire in search of presents for his new companion, affectionately named ‘Baby Yoda’ by fans. Throughout the adventure, however, our hero learns the true reason for the season in a heartwarming encounter with an old friend.

The first season of The Mandalorian had been hailed by longtime and casual fans of the sprawling, gritty franchise, but some have questioned character choices in the Holiday Special. “I’m sure Santaclausians have never been mentioned as a race in either the official or extended cannons before,” remarked Joey Brezinski, who operates an internet taxonomy of Star Wars creatures, “and believe me, I’ve checked twice.”

Mr. Favreau and director Rian Johnson are taking the criticism in stride, “These fans whine about everything — like the color of the laser swords or whatever — so I don’t really care what they think about Baby Yoda drinking eggnog under mistletoe.”

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