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‘Boomer Worse than N-word’ Says Executive Who Regularly Wore Blackface

By Jack , in Labor Opinion , at December 17, 2019 Tags: ,

ROSSLYN, VA — As the Ok Boomer meme sweeps the nation, it has bristled some of the older Americans it characterizes. “Hate speech will not be tolerated,” declared one victim of the trend, Harold Gordon, a 59-year-old senior vice president at Alcalde & Fay, who regularly wore blackface throughout his youth and professional career.

“This slur is worse than the N-word for our generation,” say Mr. Gordon, referring to the commonly accepted label that Americans born after the Second World War have been calling themselves for decades. Nevertheless, subordinates present say that Mr. Gordon’s complaint would carry more weight were photographs of the executive wearing racist costume at fraternity parties at Ole Miss, his alma mater, not a matter of public record.

But elder colleagues of Mr. Gordon insist that his argument is more nuanced that it appears. “These PC-snowflake millenials are plain hypocrites,” rebutted Harlan Newfield, another senior vice president, aged 63, “just replace ‘Boomers’ with ‘Jews’ — see the logic?” Newfield continued, equating fascist rhetoric that led to the extermination of millions to flippantly dismissing those who built our current system of political and economic oppression.

“Millenials are too sheltered and entitled to know the difference between hurtful crimes against successful seniors and good old-fashioned fun, like this historical comedy I’m preparing for,” insists Mr. Gordon, as he actively applies shoe polish to his face for a minstrel show set in the antebellum South.

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