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SpaceX Scrubs Launch After Astronauts Demand Spacesuits

CAPE CANAVERAL, FL — The launch of two NASA astronauts on a rocket built by SpaceX would have also launched the age of private space exploration were it not for a dispute with the billionaire Elon Musk over proper protective equipment for the flight into space. The astronauts, Robert L. Behnken and Douglas G. Hurley, veterans of NASA and accustomed to donning full space suits when leaving the Earth’s atmosphere, had asked Mr. Musk for more than the jumpsuits that they normally wear at work. “We wanted at least something to prevent our heads from explosive decompression on the ride up, but [Musk] just told us to ‘get to fucking’ work from his chair at Ground Control”, says Col. Behnken, the mission commander, “so I’m like ‘fuck this noise, me and Dougy are out until y’all get your shit together.”

Surprisingly, Mr. Musk eventually capitulated to the astronauts’ reasonable demands and rescheduled the historic launch until after proper spacesuits could be fashioned. However, not all of Mr. Musk’s employees, have been as successful in securing much needed protective equipment.

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  1. Laura Brown Laura Brown June 23, 2020

    Unbelievable, Elon Musk, should ride into space without proper helmet himself if he doesn’t consider it necessary to wear protective helmet so his head doesn’t explode with pressure, think his head already is full of hot air.
    Tesla was the genius, Musk just has great people working for brand who are geniuses he should listen to them and get off his pot head

    • Bohdan Fedusiw Bohdan Fedusiw July 3, 2020


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