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Do Video Games that Glorify Loot Boxes Cause More Looting?

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — With many Americans aghast at the destruction following some of the peaceful protests against police brutality, critics of the video game industry say that heavy promotion of loot boxes in games has caused young people to repeat the behavior in real life. Publishers like Electronic Arts have defended the mechanic in the immensely popular Star Wars Battlefront II, claiming that any connection between the randomly-generated digital grab bags and razing big box retail stores in righteous anger is purely coincidental.

Nevertheless, even President Trump has weighed in, even if only to further stoke the controversy, “I’m hearing more and more people saying the dopamine rush from getting cool guns in Overwatch is really shaping young people’s thoughts,” he said, unprompted, “and then you take these people, many of them urban-colored, and they think they can find the John Wick skins, the emotes, by burning down a police station — I don’t like it.”

The American Psychological Association has also weighed in on the controversy, partially disputing the president’s claims. “Although a particularly pernicious aspect of modern games,” a statement by the APA reads, “the scientific community should be cautious to ascribe widespread civil unrest to loot boxes in video games rather than the centuries of systemic racism, police militarization, and crippling economic inequality gripping the nation.”

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