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Posts published in “Labor”

Alison Roman Also Responsible for Malagasy Murders Fueled by Vanilla Trade

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar — Alison Roman, the millennial cookbook author who rose to internet stardom on her approachable charm, is still reeling from a candid interview in which she dismissed other internet stars with less-approachable charm. Like all viral backlash, many feel the issues run deeper than the slight and have raised their voices on Roman’s appropriation of ethnic flavors as well as a series of violent assaults in the Anjahana jungles of Madagascar in an effort to secure those very spices.… Read more

Whole Foods Employees Quit for Safety of Times Square Elmos

NEW YORK CITY — As Whole Foods stores remain open amid the pandemic and workers are increasingly anxious about their safety, a leaked company report states that nearly two dozen local employees have resigned their posts at the Amazon-held chain to pursue a career with less public interaction, suiting up as unlicensed characters in Times Square.… Read more

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