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Posts published in “Opinion”

New York Times Returns to Original Mission of Reminding New Yorkers What Time It Is

MIDTOWN, MANHATTAN — Following the publication of an op-ed by alleged Tom Cotton, an alleged war criminal and sitting U.S. senator, that called for a military coup against American cities, the famed Gray Lady has “returned to our roots of dutifully announcing the current time in New York City, without commentary or incendiary attacks on democracy,” according to Arthur Sulzberger.… Read more

What Every Post-Coronavirus Office Needs

What does the ‘New Normal’ modern American office look like when, or if, workers return? Gone will be the communal perks of beer kegs and ice cream socials, as well as amenities often taken for granted, like shared office supplies and conference rooms. Our business lifestyle reporter Janet sat down with Melinda May, futurist and CEO of Syt, a direct-to-business office furniture startup, selling premium equipment to other growing companies.… Read more

Editor-in-Chief: Why We’re Not Returning Federal Aid

These are unprecedented times for journalism, America, and the world. With offices shuttered for weeks, if not months, every business faces a difficult choice: drastically reduce staff or bleed cash until the whole business goes bankrupt. Although troubled from the start, the federal Payment Protection Program is meant for small organizations, like Boredroom News, through the coronavirus pandemic.… Read more

‘Boomer Worse than N-word’ Says Executive Who Regularly Wore Blackface

ROSSLYN, VA -- As the Ok Boomer meme sweeps the nation, it has bristled some of the older Americans it characterizes. "Hate speech will not be tolerated," declared one victim of the trend, Harold Gordon, a 59-year-old senior vice president at Alcalde & Fay, who regularly wore blackface throughout his youth and professional career.

Pulitzer Committee Adds New Category for Bojack Horseman Thinkpieces

NEW YORK CITY – Columbia University announced that this year’s Pulitzer Prize Board will consider a new category, Excellence in Bojack Horseman Thinkpiece Writing. Steve Coll, Dean of the Columbia School of Journalism, hails the new category as sign in the ever-changing media landscape and an advancement in superficial self-reflection prompted by cartoons.

Rated on overt empathy for severe depression, knowledge of obscure Los Angeles references, and an appreciation for whimsical sight gags, the inaugural prize comes at a boom-time of Bojack content as the series awaits the second half of its final season on Netflix (NFLX.… Read more

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