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Posts published in “Technology”

Louie CK Drops Newest Special on OnlyFans

NEW YORK CITY — Strange times make for strange bedfellows, or uncomfortable masturbation-fellows, as is the case when the comedian Louie C.K. announced this week that his newest special would be released exclusively on the subscription site OnlyFans, where users can purchase premium explicit content directly from creators.

“I welcome you to the only platform that embraces the full range of comedic and sexual acts,” writes C.K.… Read more

African Entrepreneur Invents Low-Cost Water Filtration System for Herbal Medicine

NAIROBI, Kenya — When young David Maraga saw his village elders struggle to consume the harsh herbal medicine his people have been using for centuries, he knew he could make a difference for his community. Born and raised in Kitui, a hamlet outside the country’s capital, Maraga, was just seventeen years old when he devised a cheap, portable system to filter the heavier plant particles from reaching the lungs of medicine users.… Read more

Domino’s Pizza Tapped to Track Stimulus Check Delivery

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Internal Revenue Service has teamed up with Domino’s Pizza (DPZ) to deliver the $2 trillion federal coronavirus response stimulus via the company’s ubiquitous pizza tracker. “I knew Domino’s would step up to the plate,” said Jim O’Dell, IRS Sub-director of Renumeration and Confections, “and streamline this monumental undertaking with the American ingenuity and Italian seasoning.”… Read more

Clearview AI Kindly Asks Everyone to Put Name, Address on Face Masks

NEW YORK CITY — “If it wouldn’t be too much trouble,” Chief Executive Hoan Ton-That implored Americans this week in a very polite press release, “please legibly print or stencil your full names, street addresses, primary phone numbers, and any known aliases you use” directly on the outside of any face-coverings used to prevent the coronavirus.… Read more

US Navy Invests $14M to Move Deck Logs onto Blockchain

SAN DIEGO, CA — The Southern California startup QCel has announced a $14 million investment from the Department of Defense to modernize critical infrastructure aboard US Navy vessels using blockchain technology. QCel’s cloud-based platform will meet a primary objective to rapidly upgrade afloat software and communications systems’ record-keeping capabilities.

The entrepreneurs behind QCel (QMOW (Quartermaster of the Watch)-Controlled Electronic Ledger), Denis Palaniuk and Tim Strawser, founded their company after both serving as lieutenants on warships themselves.… Read more

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