Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Category: Technology

Netflix Complies with Takedown Request from the Upside Down

LOS GATOS, CA — The streaming giant revealed that it has amended some episodes of its hit show Stranger Things to remove unfavorable references to the Upside Down, according to the company’s first report
Social Governance. Although Netflix (NFLX) has removed content at the demand of governments around the world, this is the first takedown request on behalf of an interdimentional evil super-organism.

By Milton , in Technology , at February 12, 2020

Disney Facing Backlash for Leaked ‘Mandalorian Holiday Special’

BURBANK, CA — Star Wars fans rejoiced when Disney (DIS) first aired The Mandalorian as the flagship program of its new streaming service Disney+, but many have been rankled after a leaked script from the upcoming ‘Holiday Special’ appeared online this week. Many fans may remember the 1978 televised Star Wars Holiday Special, a poorly-crafted variety show that was never re-aired due to negative critical reception.

By Warren , in Technology , at December 11, 2019