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Style Guide

If you are looking to write quality business news satire, then you’ve come to the right place!

Boredroom News is the premier online publication for business, finance, and technology news satire. We are looking for freelance writers to submit articles on a rolling basis. ONLY FUNNY WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Technical guidelines:
Typical articles run about 170 – 300 words and always include a 16:9 ratio image about 800-2000px in width (images don’t need always need to be funny or photoshopped).

Style guidlines:
Please take the time to go through our recent articles and archives to understand the unique tone of Boredroom News. Our writing reflects the source material of business reporting in the NYT, WSJ, Bloomberg, &c; and is very dry and “factual;” our writers do some good legwork to research topics. Here are three questions to ask yourself when writing:

  • Is it funny? (if you literally did not laugh out loud when you wrote it, we definitely will not publish it) 
  • Is this something that an industry professional or someone with an MBA would find funny? (making progress…)
  • Is it something that ONLY someone with inside knowledge would find funny, but relates to another, more universal topic that others would generally recognize as funny? (let us see what you’ve got)

Use one of these headlines:

  • “Traders turn to haruspex to navigate capricious market”
  • “Top 5 Excel macros to overcome existential dread”
  • “Ex-McKinsey janitor leveraging firm prestige for exit opportunities”
  • additionally, submissions that use an existing headline from Boredroom News that does not already have a full article will also be accepted.
  • Anything else better be pretty fuckin’ funny.

Send all work to on a rolling basis to:
submissions AT boredroomnews DOT com

thank you,


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