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Posts tagged as “AI”

Clearview AI Kindly Asks Everyone to Put Name, Address on Face Masks

NEW YORK CITY — “If it wouldn’t be too much trouble,” Chief Executive Hoan Ton-That implored Americans this week in a very polite press release, “please legibly print or stencil your full names, street addresses, primary phone numbers, and any known aliases you use” directly on the outside of any face-coverings used to prevent the coronavirus.… Read more

IBM Bets Big on Pivot to Unprofessional Services

ARMONK, NY — With better-than-expected earnings to round out the last quarter, senior leadership at Big Blue (IBM) announced during their annual earnings call how they intend to generate value for their “dipshit clients” as they shift to more unprofessional services offerings.

Ginni Rommetty, IBM’s current chief executive and self-proclaimed “big, bad bitch,” who is leading the change throughout the century-old organization, was optimistic.… Read more

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