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Amazon Drones Protest Humane Conditions

SEATTLE, WA – Among the various strikes around the globe that have challenged the retail giant Amazon (AMZN), the latest comes from an dangerously overlooked segment of labor, robots. Autonomous workers at the company, from warehouse shelving robots to aerial delivery drones, go on strike today in protest of vastly humane conditions, which are unsatisfactory to their mechanical hulls and circuitry.… Read more

Bezos’ Selfies had been Uploaded on Amazon Prime for Weeks Completely Unnoticed

SEATTLE, WA – As the saga of Amazon (AMZN) founder Jeff Bezos’ divorce, and threats of extortion by the National Enquirer over his lewd selfies unfolds, perhaps the most startling fact is that the pictures had been uploaded to Amazon’s Prime Video section for almost a month before they were noticed.

Due to an apparent glitch in Amazon’s master upload permissions, combined with Mr.… Read more

After Contentious Bidding War, Al’s Liquor ‘n’ Loan Announces HQ2 Across the Street

LONG ISLAND CITY, QUEENS – After nine months of searching , Al’s Liquor n’ Loan as officially announced that they have chosen the northwest corner of 46 Ave and Vernon Boulevard for the location for their second headquarters. Albert DeChristo, owner and proprietor, is confident that this expansion will not only fuel the grow of his business but also benefit the surrounding citizens.… Read more

Amazon Raises Wages to $15; Only Redeemable through Prime Now

SEATTLE, WA – This week Amazon’s (AMZN) new minimum wage of $15 an hour went into effect for over 200,000 of its U.S. employees, but reactions have been mixed. Some say that the retailer has curtailed overall compensation by ending stock grants and other benefits, and many are not happy that all take home pay is now only redeemable as Prime Now credit.… Read more

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