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Posts tagged as “blockchain”

US Navy Invests $14M to Move Deck Logs onto Blockchain

SAN DIEGO, CA — The Southern California startup QCel has announced a $14 million investment from the Department of Defense to modernize critical infrastructure aboard US Navy vessels using blockchain technology. QCel’s cloud-based platform will meet a primary objective to rapidly upgrade afloat software and communications systems’ record-keeping capabilities.

The entrepreneurs behind QCel (QMOW (Quartermaster of the Watch)-Controlled Electronic Ledger), Denis Palaniuk and Tim Strawser, founded their company after both serving as lieutenants on warships themselves.… Read more

Arby’s Introduces Roast Beef & Cheddar with Extra Blockchain

ATLANTA, GA – Maybe the perfect topping on a “mountain of meat” really is a secure, decentralized currency; at least that’s what Arby’s (ARBY) is counting on with the launch of its newest line of roast beef and blockchain sandwiches.

Many fast-food connoisseurs remain skeptical of what they see as a brash move to capitalize on the financial technology trend, but company officials are determined to re-invent the meat purveyors as the next generation of casual dining.… Read more

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