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Posts tagged as “China”

Coca-Cola Courts China for Deep Fresca Reserves

TIANJIN PROVINCE – President Trump’s trade war with the world’s most populist country may have some U.S. firms and investors wary of the future, but for Coca-Cola (KO), their outlook has never been fresher.

Geologists, funded by the beverage conglomerate, found deep underwater lakes brimming with the lime- and grapefruit-flavored diet soda, which Coco-Cola executives are eager to extract.… Read more

Blizzard Launches WOW Quest Suspiciously Similar to Quelling Hong Kong Protests

HONG KONG, CHINA(?) – Activision Blizzard is in hot water again just weeks after facing backlash for censoring players who support the protests here in Hong Kong. The e-sport giant’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party’s is under more scrutiny this week after a new campaign added to the World of Warcraft MMORPG bears many similarities to recent uprising in Hong Kong.… Read more

McKinsey Had History of Assisting Middle East Regimes

JERUSALEM – Reports bribing to Ukrainian oligarchs, helping China build internment camps, siphoning public funds in South Africa; 2018 was a hard year for McKinsey & Company in the press. However, Boredroom News has uncovered new documents that attest before the global management consulting company’s scandal in Saudi Arabia the firm had a history of similar activity in the region.… Read more

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