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Posts tagged as “Disney”

Disney World Builds ‘ICU Land’ to Treat COVID Patients without Leaving Park

ORLANDO, FL — Facing an outbreak in Florida of over 10,000 new coronavirus cases daily, Disney World has responded by unveiling their latest addition to the Magic Kingdom, a sprawling medical complex dubbed ‘ICU Land’ where ill or exposed park-goers can see Nurse Minnie as they wait for rides. “We value our patrons’ safety,” said Sharon Pewter, a Disney vice president for park sanitation and animatronics, “almost as much as our shareholders.… Read more

Hong Kong Disneyland Euthanizes Sneezing Mickey Mascot

HONG KONG — “We couldn’t take any chances,” lamented James Lee, a spokesman for the theme park, when it was announced earlier this week that the beloved Disney mascot had to be put down as to prevent the Wuhan virus from spreading throughout Hong Kong. Also known as the Coronavirus, the illness has already spread from the mainland as countries scramble to stem the wave of infections.

Failure to Launch: Only Content Available on Disney+ Animated Robin Hood Gifs

BURBANK, CA – The most anticipated launch of the streaming era hit a major snag this morning as Disney+, the vehicle by which Disney (DIS) plans to exclusively distribute their content. User who logged onto the service this morning did not find the vast library of Marvel, Star Wars, of animated favorites, but instead were met with only an array of short gifs from the 1973 feature cartoon of Robin Hood.… Read more

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