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Posts tagged as “Diversity”

Chiquita Fruit Co. Grapples with Racist Past, Re-installs Former Guatemalan Regime

GUATEMALA CITY — Many American corporations now face a reckoning with legacies built on centuries of systemic racism, but Chiquita Brands is one of the few to take substantial action. Chiquita announced today that it had toppled the Guatemalan republic by force and handed the reigns to followers of Jacobo Árbenz, whom the company formerly known as United Fruit had ousted in the 1954 Guatemalan coup d’état.… Read more

Isn’t Corporate America Diverse Enough?

NEW YORK, NY – There seems to have been quite the kerfuffle lately about certain companies and their recent promotion practices. Now I’ve been in the corporate world as a publisher for nearly three decades and I think we’ve all done more than enough to engender representation in our ranks.

This publication, the esteemed Boredroom News, has always been a leader in hiring men from diverse ethnic backgrounds.… Read more

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