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Posts tagged as “Federal Reserve”

Bureau of Printing and Engraving Not Expected to Meet Demand for Thirty Trillion Nickels

PHILADELPHIA -- "We thought the order was strange, too," admitted Jonathan D. Prunehopf, acting director in charge of the government agency responsible for printing United States currency, "but [Treasury Secretary] Mnuchin said he specifically wanted the entire $1.5 trillion stimulus plan to be paid in nickels. So here we are"

Fed Undertakes Quantitative Pleasing Efforts to Get Everyone to Just Calm Down

WASHINGTON – With everyone from economists to small businesses watching the the Federal Reserve this week, Chairman Jerome H. Powell announced that the central bank would be enacting strong quantitative pleasing measures “to have some breathing room for a while.” After constantly raising rates since 2008, Mr. Powell has signaled that “making everyone happy” so they leave the Fed alone is the best move for the economists to take a step back and really get a good grasp on the situation.… Read more

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