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Posts tagged as “marketing”

Panhandler Extends Omni Channel Presence

AUSTIN, TX – As the digital revolution continues to spread, tech-savvy individuals in every industry have found success — and panhandling is no exception. Bivouacked on Red River Street between 6th and 7th, local homeless man Robert ‘Bob’ Munsen has significantly increased his competitive advantage through a robust omni-channel marketing strategy.

Mr. Munsen, 34, originally form Plano, TX, has devised a revolutionary approach to ask for alms in downtown Austin, incorporating bleeding-edge data-driven decision making to optimize revenue.… Read more

Slack Changes Logo to the Yellow Sign

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Millions of Slack users noticed a change in the popular chat application Tuesday; the familiar hashtag (or octothorpe) icon had been replaced with a strange symbol, spoken of in hushed whispers as the Yellow Sign. Social media was seemingly in an uproar over the logo’s evolution, but perhaps the method to the madness was, in fact, madness itself.… Read more

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