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Posts tagged as “millennials”

‘Boomer Worse than N-word’ Says Executive Who Regularly Wore Blackface

ROSSLYN, VA -- As the Ok Boomer meme sweeps the nation, it has bristled some of the older Americans it characterizes. "Hate speech will not be tolerated," declared one victim of the trend, Harold Gordon, a 59-year-old senior vice president at Alcalde & Fay, who regularly wore blackface throughout his youth and professional career.

Are Millenials Texting ‘Here’ Killing the Home Invasion Industry?

DETROIT, MI – Back in the good old days, just about anyone could go up to someone’s door and ring their doorbell to see if they were home. If no one answered the bell, an easy burglary; if not, at least you had the element of surprise over any residents. In this day, however, millennials will pull into the driveway and simply shoot a text to their friend saying “here,” leaving any honest would-be burglar high and dry.… Read more

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