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Posts tagged as “PepsiCo”

Vintage Mountain Dew Black Label, Once Owned by Napoleon, Auctioned for $1.6M

NEW YORK CITY -- A 205-year-old can of Black Label Mountain Dew became the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold at auction, fetching $1,580,000. Sotheby's announced on Monday that the can, which accompanied Napoleon into exile on St. Helena in his personal supply, shattered the previous record set by a rare 3-liter (known as “large format”) bottle of Açaí Fresca in 1996.

PepsiCo Sues Coca-Cola Over ‘Misleading’ Alpaca Blood Ad

ATLANTA, GA – The farmers in a recent commercial for Coca-Cola just wanted to protect their furry camelid friends, but PepsiCo is not amused. The ad, which first aired during the Daytime Emmy Awards broadcast, proudly declared that “all Coca-Cola products are 100% alpaca blood-free” but that the potential alpaca blood content of Pepsi products was unknown.… Read more

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