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Posts tagged as “Russia”

Fabergé Anal Beads Fail to Gain Traction with Consumers

MOSCOW – Citing “severe miscalculations” in both material science as well as human anatomy, the famed Fabergé workshop has halted production on all bespoke anal sex toys. “They may have been good enough for Tsar Alexander’s prostate, but they were a heartier stock back then,” explained Master Craftsman Andrei Karpovich, “the anal cavities of the modern consumer just do not respond with the same taboo ecstasy to bejeweled objets d’art as did our Imperial patrons’.”… Read more

McKinsey Had History of Assisting Middle East Regimes

JERUSALEM – Reports bribing to Ukrainian oligarchs, helping China build internment camps, siphoning public funds in South Africa; 2018 was a hard year for McKinsey & Company in the press. However, Boredroom News has uncovered new documents that attest before the global management consulting company’s scandal in Saudi Arabia the firm had a history of similar activity in the region.… Read more

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