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10 Rules Every Professional Needs To Know About Slack Etiquette

Slack, the workplace collaboration company, started trading on the New York Stock Exchange today, greatly surpassing its private valuation. The popular chat application rolled out into the workforce so quickly, that some are lost trying to adjust to the new platform. We at Boredroom News have compiled a list of the top etiquette tips to excel at Slack:

  1. Help your organization transition to the new platform by sending company-wide email reminders every time you post in slack.

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Slack Changes Logo to the Yellow Sign

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Millions of Slack users noticed a change in the popular chat application Tuesday; the familiar hashtag (or octothorpe) icon had been replaced with a strange symbol, spoken of in hushed whispers as the Yellow Sign. Social media was seemingly in an uproar over the logo’s evolution, but perhaps the method to the madness was, in fact, madness itself.… Read more

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