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Posts tagged as “Startups”

African Entrepreneur Invents Low-Cost Water Filtration System for Herbal Medicine

NAIROBI, Kenya — When young David Maraga saw his village elders struggle to consume the harsh herbal medicine his people have been using for centuries, he knew he could make a difference for his community. Born and raised in Kitui, a hamlet outside the country’s capital, Maraga, was just seventeen years old when he devised a cheap, portable system to filter the heavier plant particles from reaching the lungs of medicine users.… Read more

Half of All Startups Fail Because People like Dave Can’t Get Their Shit Together

NEW YORK CITY – As a leading voice in the business community, Boredroom News has covered the journeys of hundreds of startups and have seen a pattern in these stories. Now, we’re sharing the five most common pitfalls that have waylaid entrepreneurs on their paths to success, despite the fact that articles like this have already been published and we told one member of our team [David Haig] to specifically look at them.… Read more

Inessential Oils Startup Fails to Gain Traction in Local Facebook Group

GREENSBORO, NC – Despite a fervent marketing push across social media, recent inessential oils startup Scentique is struggling to break into the lucrative ecosystem of the Greensboro Buy/Sell + Small Business group on Facebook. Founded on the heels of more successful multi-level marketing players such as doTERRA and ItWorks!, Scentique specializes in concentrated oils that have zero benefits to both humans as well as the plants and herbs from which they are extracted.… Read more

Denim Startup UnZippd Revolutionizes Pants

NEW YORK, NY – As a dude with a sometimes uncomfortably large bulge, finding jeans that fit me is a hassle; and if I want stylish denim that won’t break the bank? forget it!

“We made our new line of jeans just for guys like you,” says Sean Oliver, founder of UnZippd, “and for everyone else whose package size precludes them from being comfortable.”… Read more

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