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Posts tagged as “Trump”

Perdue Farms Reaches Deal to Buy Presidentially-Pardoned Turkey for $1.3 Million

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Another storied White House tradition has been altered this week by President Trump, who announced today that the turkeys to be pardoned on Thanksgiving will then be sold to Perdue Farms for their “Celebrity Cold Cuts” product line. This Thursday, the bird chosen by the National Turkey Federation, Gobbles, will be presented to Mr.… Read more

Young Man Radicalized Online, Joins Extremist Capitalist Faction

UNDISCLOSED LOCATION, UPPER MANHATTAN – It is harrowing story, but, unfortunately, an all-to-familiar one: a bright, young man descends into an online world that warps his mind with twisted ideologies and entices him to fight for a cause he barely understands.

The day that Bobby Caldwell of Appleton, WI, left home for good he packed light: a pair of slacks, an Oxford-cut button-down, new Ferragamos that he saw in a video once.… Read more

President Trump Recognizes ‘Brave Pullman Railroad Executives’ Who Made Labor Day Possible

CHICAGO – At a stump speech commemorating Labor Day on the South Side of Chicago, President Trump took note of the “brave men (and they were certainly men, no women back then)” who, he said, had “fought bravely against the bloodthirsty mob” of American Railway Union workers in 1894. The historical strike, which lasted over two months and cost 30 unionists’ their lives, had sparked pro-labor movements around the country that today celebrates.… Read more

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