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Posts tagged as “Uber”

NYC FakeTaxi Drivers Are Struggling in the Age of FakeUber

NEW YORK CITY – If you want to know the effect FakeUber and FakeLyft are having on New York City’s FakeTaxi yellow cabs, just take a ride in the backseat of one that has pulled over to the side of the road because you didn’t have enough money to pay. There used to be dozens of iconic FakeTaxi drivers willing to accept sexual favors on camera in lieu of payment, but now hot, young coeds without cash to get back to their sorority are instead opting to trade poon to FakeUber and its rivals.… Read more

Sexual Harassment Condoned at Uber to Temper IPO Expectations

SAN FRANCISCO – Having filed it’s S-1 with the Securities and Exchange Commission in the last days of 2018, the ride-hailing service Uber is expected to launch it’s initial public offering early in 2019. Although the tech giant pulled in just under $3 billion in revenues last quarter, they face stiff competition in the market and are beginning to temper the expectations of investors.… Read more

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